Last Hurrah for Jason Gomersall in #35 A9X Torana

The Adelaide 500 TCM series opener will mark the final hurrah for MSR’s #35 A9X Torana with driver Jason Gomersall more than likely only making a one-off appearance in the 2020 season.

Although this is just a one-off 2020 appearance for Jason at this point in time, he has made it very clear that this won’t be the last we see off him in the TCM series as he is bound to return in the future.

“I’m going to be like Johnny Farnham; I’ll just keep making comebacks.” Jason Gomersall

Aboard the #35 beauty are none other than Muscle Car Warehouse, Bowden’s Own and UNIT, all facilitators in making this weekend one to remember for Jason Gomersall and his beautiful Torana.

Jason will compete in the full season of the Kumho Series for 2020 with a possible appearance in the Super2 series at Bathurst alongside Brad Neill. Jason is also keen to hit the track in Darwin, however, has not yet decided which category he will contend in.