Matt Stone Racing Launch the MSR Challenge

Matt Stone Racing has embarked on creating their own challenge to help fans get there racing fix with the opportunity to win prizes. The MSR Challenge will be a series run on the iRacing platform, open to the general public. Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of each round, with major prizes decided at the conclusion of the entire series. One of the major prizes up for grabs, the opportunity to drive a real MSR Supercar.

The MSR Challenge will run over six weeks with each round run as a qualifying session. It is open to anyone from 14 years and upwards with age categories being split into a Junior category, 14-18 years and Open category for 18 years plus.

In order to be eligible for the series, competitors will have to achieve a particular lap time at a track of MSR’s choosing. Each week a different track will be released to all competitors entered in the challenge. The competitor at the end with the lowest aggregate time will win the MSR Challenge. This is the same fo


r both age categories. At the conclusion of the series, the top 20 overall competitors from both age categories combined will participate in a feature race against MSR drivers, Garry Jacobson, Jake Kostecki and Zane Goddard.

Both team owners are enthusiastic about running the challenge.

“There’s been a lot of fan interest in the Supercars eSeries and its fantastic for MSR to create and develop our own series for our team followers”.  Matt Stone – Team Owner/Principal

“MSR were looking for a unique and exciting way to leverage the eSeries, to provide a money can’t buy experience to a lucky few fans. We flagged the idea with current sponsors, and they are equally as excited.” Jason Gomersall – Team Owner

In a time where staying at home and being safe is of the highest importance the MSR Challenge is a great way to keep the excitement of racing alive.