17 May 2019


Along with the rest of the motorsport community, MSR has today become aware that Aussie Driver Search Pty Ltd (ADS) has entered voluntary liquidation by way of a release of a written and audio statement from its sole director, Mr Kyle Austin.

It has come to the attention of MSR that the audio statement contains a number of slanderous and untrue allegations against MSR and its team owner, Mr Matthew Stone.

While MSR has previously refrained from publicly commenting on this issue due to an ongoing legal dispute with ADS and Kyle Austin, MSR would like to address some of the comments made by Mr Austin.

Mr Austin makes a number of allegations regarding the Bathurst 12 Hour at which event MSR ran the ADS Audi R8 GT3 for a podium finish in class as the leading Audi on the grid.  MSR strongly refutes all of the allegations made by Mr Austin and notes that this is the first time any of these matters have been raised by Mr Austin with MSR, and in fact, following the completion of the Bathurst 12Hr, Mr Austin personally thanked Matt Stone and praised the whole team’s effort for the weekend’s results.

ADS had delivered the Audi R8 GT3 to the MSR garages in such a poor condition that it had been unable to run at the ADS competition final, leading MSR to complete considerable works to the Audi to return it to competitive running order – work MSR rightly deserved to be compensated for.

MSR remains exceptionally proud of its drivers, mechanics and the entire crew for completing a tremendous amount of work in such a tight turnaround to deliver a fantastic result at an internationally competitive event.

In relation to ADS’ Super2 entry, MSR only became aware that ADS did not intend to adhere to its contractual obligations some two weeks before the commencement of the first event of the season, being the Adelaide 500. MSR has suffered considerable financial hardship as a result of this breach of contract by ADS.

Despite numerous attempts by MSR to reach a resolution with ADS and Kyle Austin to ensure Matt Powers took his place in the Super2 paddock – attempts made up to and including the days before the race – it became abundantly clear that Kyle Austin had no intention of upholding his end of the contract.

It was only at this late stage that the decision was made to run Ashley Walsh in the Todd Hazelwood Championship winning Triple 888 VF Commodore for the 2019 Super2 series. So comments by Mr Austin that he was apparently told this as early as February at the Bathurst 12 hour are simply untrue.

MSR and Matt Stone have enjoyed a long and successful career competing in Super2, Super3, Touring Car Masters, Australian GT, the Australia Ute Series and the Virgin Australia Supercars, as well as international racing series, and our whole team have worked extremely hard for many years to build the reputation of MSR in the motorsport industry.

MSR is disappointed that Mr Austin is trying to smear that reputation, and apportion some of the blame for his own poor business and lifestyle choices on MSR.

MSR will be continuing to pursue ADS through its appointed liquidators and Mr Austin for recovery of some portion of the monies owed to it by ADS and Mr Austin, and will also be considering a claim against Mr Austin personally for the slanderous comments made by him in his audio statement about Mr Stone and MSR.